Affordable Implant Dentistry - iteeth implant dental Implants for Gaps

Tooth extraction is quite common due to poor dental health and gum disease.
Leaving the missing tooth space empty may not sound too serious, but the consequences of not filling in the space from the missing tooth can include:

  • The teeth adjacent to your missing tooth can change position to fill the gap;
  • The loss of your missing tooth’s root can cause your jawbone to shrink, making your face appear prematurely older;
  • A missing tooth in the front of your mouth can affect your smile and your self-confidence.

In many situations, a Dental Implant is the most pleasingly esthetic solution for replacing the missing tooth.
An all-ceramic Dental Crown or Dental Bridge, secured to a Dental Implant, provides a complete and beautiful solution for improving your smile. A Dental Implant takes the place of the missing tooth’s root and helps prevent the above consequences.

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In years gone by , Implant dentistry was only avaiable to the wealthy few, but now thanks to fantastic advances in Dental Technology, high quality Dental Implants are now an affordable option for anyone seeking to improve their health, lifestyle and confidence.

Using the latest implant technology from the world renowned manufactuer Nobel Biocare, iteeth implant dental are the smile makeover specialists. We can replace teeth, fill gaps, create bridges and provide a superior and permanent alternative to dentures.

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Implants for Dentures

If your Dentures are uncomfortable, and denture adhesive is bothersome, our Removable Denture Solution may be the right one for you.

A Removable Denture is another form of a Dental Implant supported Denture, but is removable for cleaning, similar to your current dentures. Unlike your current removable dentures, this Dental Implant supported Denture is secured to Dental Implants, thereby eliminating the need for denture adhesives. 

The Lower Removable Denture is a complete denture alternative that “snaps” on to only two Dental Implants. When in place, a Dental Implant supported Denture will look and function very much like your natural teeth did. 

If you like your removable dentures, but are looking for an alternative to denture adhesives, ask Dr Simpson if you’re a candidate for Nobel Biocare Dental Implants and a Dental Implant supported Denture.

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